Our 1972 Airstream Overlander was shipped here from Kansas, USA in a very weathered state mid 2014

and it has been a wild ride building Austream Affairs up to where it is now. We took a chance on creating

something new and exciting, something we had little experience in (other than restoring a hand full of

classic cars) and this has happily become a Fischer Family Affair.. There have been set backs and mistakes

along the way for example when he first landed in Australia he arrived loaded up with a welcome package

that included 1 Rat + 2 Mice and 1 Deep fryer full of food still sitting on the bench this meant he had to be

shacked up in Quarantine for the first 11 days.


We completely gutted the interior and have so far spent around 300 hours polishing up the exterior (this will undoubtedly

be a never ending requirement) Our team worked tirelessly for months and many late nights researching and sourcing

products and tradesmen to carry out this work which in most regards had never been done before here locally.


Our little number whom we affectionately refer to as “The Boss” is a unique and eye catching addition to any event and we hope you can fall in love with him just as we have.

The team at Austream Affairs are design minded and love making each event stand out. Olivia uses her background in Interior Design to rework the style of the interior to suit every event and brand.


We are planning on expanding our business Austream Affairs in many ways, so please continue to ‘Watch This Space’.



Austream Affairs - Olivia Fischer - vintage airstream hire